A women need to be protected by a men


I’ve seen many people talking about abuse voilence against women and children that’s only in terms of violence. There’s so much things happening passively that destroy a women and child even family .

The whole wo

The world wide is affected by the diseases that destroy a human body (HIV/AIDS) .

As a men we got the responsibility to look forward and to prevent the cost of life.


Let keep safe our women from the diseases that will harm and destroy life of millions people and the future generation.

In case of uncertainty in partnership or multipartner unprotected sex is not allows. Make sure that both are protected by using condoms.

Don’t foolish yourself about the feelings use your mind whatever you’ve drunk or under influence of drugs.

Use condom to protect yourself and your partner (woman).

The best way to keep everyone safe and to prevent the spread of diseases is to get tested each and every three months.

Knowing your status or your partner status is going to help and decrease the number of affected people.

Let built a good society with prosperity and future together as a men by protecting our women who giving us life.

We need to stand together for change.


Written by Kallendjadi ®